Gabriel J. Olguín-Orellana



As a researcher and communicator, my motivation is to promote science as a discipline to understand the universe and as a tool to empower the new generations in the construction of a sustainable future focused on cultural enrichment and both personal and collective well-being. To achieve these aims, I trust that we can work together to create instances for citizen science, decentralize the benefits of knowledge, include the marginated sectors of our society, and develop the Bioeconomy as a framework for responsible use of natural resources to make political decisions based on evidence.


Center for Bioinformatics, Simulations and Modeling, Universidad de Talca, Talca, Chile


Gabriel is a bioinformatics engineer focused on nanotechnology, biotechnology, and the development of new products. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Talca, Chile, developing a protocol to simulate the interface phenomena between proteins and inorganic surfaces for biological and industrial applications. Currently, he is doing his doctoral thesis exploring the properties and production methods of copper caped by graphene nanoparticles, a nanomaterial that has also shown wide medical and technological applications. As an entrepreneur, he has participated in developing agricultural and food technologies framed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, highlighting the Messenco flow meter, the Swinesmart total animal traceability device, and in Legutech, a company dedicated to the development of plant-based products with enriched nutritional properties. Gabriel started participating in the ISCB Student Council in 2014 as an undergraduate student, being part of the Outreach Committee of the 1st Latin American Student Council Symposium (SCS). Since then, he has been part of almost all Organizing Teams of the Student Council Symposia, highlighting his role as the chair of the 3rd Latin American SCS and the 6th European SCS. He is a founder member and part of the Steering Committee of the ISCB RSG Chile, and was its president from 2017 to 2019. He also integrates the Latin American Network for Leaders in Biotech Allbiotech, the community for Nanotechnology NanoAndes, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Chilean Society for Bioinformatics.